One More Kick At the Cat

Well it didn't rain Monday and because it was 'cheap' night at Silver City, Kevin and I ended up out at Northern Lights on the par 3 course. Not as bad as Sunday. I scrambled my way to a few pars and hit a couple of decent shots but I still didn't feel very comfortable. I guess I just can't concentrate on more than 1 sport at a time.
Tomorrow Sal, AJ and I will be going to the funeral of the mother one of his long time baseball team mates. We have known Donna since the kids were first playing Little League and she made the long, eventful drive to Windsor with us for provincials when the boys were 12. Damn cancer has taken another great person well before her time. She will be missed especially by all the kids she has had in her home over the years, including Brandyn.

July miles:466 miles
07-29, Bridget:16 miles
07-30, Molly:15 miles

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