July Mileage and 'Bears' in the Bushes

I can't believe I put 228 miles on Molly in one month. I just finished a new tape job on a set of drop bars and by using more traditional 'road' brake levers she actually has great brakes now. The fact that Cecelia got only 15 miles means July was a good month weather-wise.

I tried out the new bike path in Northwood last night, it passes under the expressway and ends up in Parkdale. It isn't paved yet so I had to be very cautious with Molly. As I was returning I slowly went down a small hill where kids were playing by the river next to the path. I heard a rustling in the bush next to me and looked right at a huge black head. 'BEAR' I thought at first, 'Black Lab' I discovered seconds later. In that instant when I thought the worst I was trying to decide whether to let Molly go and get out of Dodge or hold at the bottom of the hill for the kids sake. Thankfully I didn't have to answer that one.

2008 miles:2697
July miles:512
Molly:228 miles
Bridget:170 miles
Jill:99 miles
Cecelia:15 miles

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