And the Fun Begins

My cell is averaging 3 hockey calls a day and I'm seeing about the same number of emails. So far 14 have signed up online, 1 shy of a team. It would be great to see about 75% online as most of the work can be taken care of in minutes once they fill in the application.

I spent an hour tonight working on the commuter route survey the city is gathering. About 20 people volunteered to take routes and analyze them for presentation to council at some point. The form asks for hazardous spots, intersection profiles and general comments and suggestions. My first lane was from Arthur/Syndicate over to Simpson and then north to the Harbour. This one isn't bad as most of Simpson is nice and wide. Next up was Vickers to Cameron and then north on Balmoral through to the Harbour again. I don't care for this one as Balmoral is narrow, busy and the pavement is very rough which is a bad combination. I have one to go, that being May/Memorial to the Harbour. My suggestion is to use Vickers as the north-south corridor but it would require a way over the river (the railroad bridge works fine for Bridget) and either lights or a 4way stop at Northern. Not likely either will happen too soon, though I was told the city had been talking to the railroad as the tracks are only on one half now.

August miles:346 miles
08-19, Molly:26 miles
08-18, Molly:7 miles

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