HoHum, Another Birthday

Well the 365 days of being the dreaded 50 are finally over. After all the negative thoughts that passed through the old noggin' last August, turning 51 was nothing. All in all it was a great year. I've managed to keep my weight at X-90, I'm loving biking more and more all the time, I completed the Ride and raised more $ than I thought possible and I feel pretty damn great most of the time. Work is still work and I have Northwood to manage but I'm done with Lakehead Minor (unless they come up with that million) and I am pretty sure my baseball commitment will be even less in the future. It's time for fixing up the house and more time for me, may sound selfish but I think I've done my share. I can handle Northwood pretty much in my sleep as I have already proven for 5 years or so.

I was planning a century ride to Grand Marais but I forgot to renew the plates and my licence so its off for this weekend, maybe next week. I had Jill all adjusted and ready to go, got some energy bars and gatorade and then I remembered it all. Maybe 51 isn't so great after all.

I finished the survey for the city commuter project, just have to punch it all in and then submit it. I took some pictures and measured a few of the lanes so hopefully it will be useful info. I probably will never see much change but it has to start somewhere, can't complain if you aren't willing to lend a hand. The gem in the picture is on Balmoral where the lane is less than 4 strides wide and the pavement is full of holes and patches, not a great place to ride and near impossible if there's heavy traffic.

August miles:416 miles
08-23, Molly:19 miles
08-22, Molly:16 miles
08-21, Molly:17 miles
08-20, Molly:18 miles

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