Who Would Have Thought

Led Zep, 40 years ago they were the best rock band in the world. I loved them, my parents hated them for the boom boom boom of John Paul Jone's base line that somehow resonated through the floors of our home. They haven't been together for some 20 years save a few appearances and brief recycling projects but they still carry a lot of weight. I never would have guessed one of their tunes would be used in Cadillac commercials, but it happened. Yesterday another 'who woulda thunkit' with Jimmy Page playing at the closing of the Olympics to kickoff London's 2012 games. He was pick-syncing, but hey he was still there on top of the double decker bus that opened up like a flower in the sun. Old bands never die, they just go commercial, gotta make a living somehow I guess. Sal, Sherman, Molly and I got out for an hour yesterday, just a leisurely pedal around the waterfront, Vickers Park and through Chapples complex.

August miles:424 miles
08-24, Molly:8 miles

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