Mission Accomplished

I'm not sure how good or bad our team overall time at Conquer the Dog but we kicked the other family team's butt and I'm happy with mine, 38.53 or an average of 17.46 mph over the 18km. I wanted to halve last year's time (1:30:47) and I did that and shaved 7 minutes more. No major mechanical failures this time around though my seat did slip (my fault)and I stood or sat very low for a bit before stopping to fix it. I felt great going out and fought a head wind all the way in but was still going pretty well to the end. The tires worked great and Bridget was in fine form. I checked on last year's times and I beat a guy I know by 6 minutes who is at least 1o years younger and who was wearing a Camelback hydration pack and energy gel on his frame so I know he was serious. His 45 minute time was the one I was aiming for.
They had digital timing and instant results this year which was great. Thunder Bay Timing received a Trillium grant to help purchase the hardware. Ankle bands with chips and mats to go over to start or stop the times, same system the Boston Marathon uses. The kids (from 5-15) races were very cute as they took off, some on bikes with training wheels, some running in the kids shoe of the new milenium, Crocs. They held a quick beef on a bun and awards at the Kam Hall afterwards and everyone had a great time, and did I mention we kicked the other Kresack team's butt.
One year ago after returning my broken bike to CTC I met Farzum at Petrie's and made the decision to get seriously (that's $$) into biking. It's been an interesting year to say the least. The pic is what the kids did to the CTC bike for my birthday while I was having lunch. Click on the pic to see the pink basket, streamers and 'piggy' squeakers. Please don't try that with Bridget, she bites. I'm off for short ride, 2 miles to hit 300 for August and 5 miles to make 3000 for 2008. So I'll do 10 just to make it official.

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