Bridget's Ready...But Am I?

Today was a bit of a weird one. Twice while riding I had major bugs fly into the vents on my helmet and then while they look for a good place to sink their teeth into I brake hard and pull over to take off the helmet to avoid getting stung/bit. Maybe December isn't such a bad time to ride.
Minutes after taking the bike pic I did this. That's my legs upside down, kinda like they ended up while getting ground into the gravel.

Just another bonehead move coming off the bike path and trying to reverse direction while clipped in. Front wheel decided to stray and down I went. Got my elbow a bit too but couldn't find it till later. No major damage except to the confidence. When I got home I broke a seatpost clamp and then decided it was time to get away from the girls before I really made a mess of something.
Oh and the Key came out today so the phone will seriously start ringing for hockey now, yeah.
August miles:287 miles
08-15, Bridget:27 miles

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