New Rubber for Bridget

Since Conquer the Dog is about 50/50 pavement and gravel and since the back tire was about done anyway, Bridget got some new shoes for Saturday. Kenda K-Rads can hold another 20 pounds (80 max) and the tread is not as deep as the Koyotes that came oem so she'll roll a bit quicker. Of course somebody has to get things in motion so we'll see how it goes. Gotta cut last year's fiasco time (1:30:47) in half or I just won't be happy.While I was looking for tires Farzam and the gang were working on a mountain bike with a small 2 stroke motor, I still can't figure these guys out, buy a damn dirt bike already. Farz made me try a Marin with an electric assist motor. Just press the throttle and anywhere from 50-200% assistance is there. It accelerated pretty nicely, Sal are you listening? This could be the answer. It would be a great equalizer for someone who has no time to ride and the other that spends too much time riding.

August miles:260 miles
08-14, Jill:15 miles
08-14, Bridget:8 miles
08-13, Jill:8 miles
08-13, Molly:8 miles
08-12, Jill:16 miles

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