Quick Ride to Camp

Sunday Sal and I decided to head to Mom and Dad's for the day. I cleaned up Bridget, grabbed the pedals and saddle from Jill and headed out at 9:56. I made great time averaging 13mph over the 33 miles. Bridget gave me some trouble on the first big hill as granny was nowhere to be found. I adjusted the cable tension as I rode and by the time I got to 'the' hill I was able to climb in with no trouble. Just seeing that hill from the other side of Sturgeon Bay gets me going. I finished the ride in 2 hours and 26 minutes (12:22) which is about half the time that I made last August. Better bike, better legs and less weight to haul up the hills.
We enjoyed a very relaxing afternoon and evening. Supper and dessert were great as usual and we got to watch Sergio el'choko fold in the final holes of another major.
All of a sudden fall seems to be in the air, where did the summer go? Another 100 miles and I'll have 3000 for 2008, I was hoping for 5000 but maybe the fall will be dry if not warm.
August miles:205
08-11, Molly:16 miles
08-10, Bridget:33 miles

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