Blown Away

My brother Brian. In 50 years I've never heard so many words from him at one time. And this in front of a couple of hundred people at his daughter's wedding. He totally blew me away with his calm, humourous and touching delivery. Hats off, you really did a great job.

My time at the rink this weekend was spent timing the kids to aid in the evaluation and then trying to convince parents to allow their kids to move up or down as their skill level demands. Most are at least willing to give it a shot, one wasn't and that soured the day. Others say yes and then continue to bring the kids to the wrong session which confuses the process to no end. It will work out somehow.

I cracked 400 miles for the month with a short ride before heading in to the rink Sunday. The weather doesn't look too promising but its been a good summer, I only got caught in the rain a handfull of times and never when I wasn't ready for it. As long as there are no snow banks I'll keep going as I'm not looking forward to my butt and Ethel getting together any time soon. The push up program had me at 49 this morning. Brandyn got up with me at 6am and watched from the couch under a comforter and never said a word. Since the program calls for 3 days a week I'm going to start the same system on the off days with situps. I'm okay with my weight but I need to get rid of the spare tire so I can feel comfortable in cycling clothes even when not surrounded by other people posing as sausages.

September:405 miles
09-28, Jill:6 miles
09-27, Jill:7 miles
09-27, Ceceila:1 mile
09-26, Jill:12 miles

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