Sounds of the Ride

I have had this in my head for 3 months now and ran across my draft in the blog edits. I really noticed the sounds all around me while riding and during the events of the ride.
the sweet sound of 14 million
the scream of the starter, RIIIIIDE!!!
the high pitched ratcheting of campagnolo free wheels
on your left and whoosh as a team sped by
the whirring of Jill's wheels at 38 mph
the click, click, click of 30 riders clipping in
the pounding of my heart on Mt. Hamilton
the encouraging cheer of the crowds
the hihowareyous as you passed or were passed
the roar of the falls as we approached
the sound of my own voice saying, I'm at the falls

September:379 miles
09-25, Cecelia:16 miles

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