I'm In

It's been nagging at me for some time now. Do I want to? Do I need to? Today I finally got answers to both, I do and I do. I registered for Conquer Cancer 2009. I feel like a weight has been lifted now that the decision is made and paid. Procrastinating cost me an extra $25 but I'm committed to doing it again. Hey Dave, wanna go for a little ride in June?

Since finishing the '08 Ride I've been slacking off, eating pretty much what I want. I haven't gained more than 5 lbs. but I know I wasted the summer after June. So here it is September and I make the decision to start training all over again, go figure. This time it wasn't even biking that got me to want to sign up. I started the 100 push ups plan on Monday. At first I thought it would be pretty easy just building to 100 in a session but Tuesday I had aches all over my shoulders, chest and stomach after doing the first session. I did the second set of reps this morning and felt great all day. In 6 weeks I'm supposed to progress from being able to do only 8 push ups I managed to start, to 100. We'll see. 

AJ picked up the winning rbi in the final game of the Senior Men's Championship slapping a short fly over 2nd base. Tipper pitched an incredible 1 hitter with 1 walk and 11 k's. Let the champagne pour. AJ managed to outscore the A's on his own with 9 runs in the series to their 6. It was great to see them hoist the hardware.

September:363 miles
09-24, Cecelia:17 miles
09-23, Cecelia:18 miles
09-22, Cecelia:16 miles

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