Another Weekend

Another weekend flew by. Saturday was an early start as the NHL hit the ice at 8am. I'm about halfway through evaluating kids and moving them to their ability groups. A few parents are fighting the placements but it will all work out in the long run. The youngest group has a few non-skaters so coaches were looking for chairs. Best I could come up with was the buckets we keep jerseys in. They worked really well as the 'bubvket brigade' got moving and had some fun. 

Brandyn surprised us all Saturday morning as he was out with his friend from across the street and came up the sidewalk 'pedalling' his tricycle. He has resisted pedalling anything in the past despite everyone's best efforts and the fact that his buddy zooms all over the sidewalk. 

I rode out to the curling club to help out with the banquet for the Northern Lights Men's Club on Saturday. I had planned to put Jill in the truck for the ride home but there was so much stuff to bring back to town I ended up riding home. Big mistake as I had maded the ill-advised decision to ride in my jeans. My butt was in worse shape after the 25 miles than the 120 in the Ride. Never again. Someone said 'nice bike' as I was heading out. He asked if I got it at Petries. He mentioned having a pair of bikes stolen and I said I was at Petries when they recovered one, a cop's bike. Turns out he was the cop.

The Dodgers ran out of offence tonight so game 5 will be played on Tuesday. Long time player Brad Crocker got the final win of his career (barring a miracle) as he shut down the Dodgers, allowing only 1 run. The A's sqeaked out a 2-1 win.

September:312 miles
09-21, Jill:5 miles
09-20, Cecelia:5 miles
09-20, Jill:25 miles
09-19, Bridget:10 miles
09-18, Bridget :15 miles

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