10 Seconds of Wonder

It didn't last long but it was somehow unforgetable. I was riding down the bike path along the McIntyre and where the path comes close to some of the building there is a 6 ft. chainlink fence. A small flock of sparrows took off in front of me and all but one veered off over the river. The one flew alongside me on the other side of the fence for 10 seconds, maybe even less. I don't know why but that instant of time made the whole day. 

AJ's Dodgers are up 2-0 in the finals winning by a combined 18-1. It's a shame that the playoffs are so late and most of the kids that go back to school, some of the top players, have to miss. The series is lopsided because the A's are missing some key players and even the Dodgers are short the rookie of the year.  AJ has been on a tear with the bat and his legs as he has scored 7 times in the series. Defensively the Dodgers have been strong behind great starting pitching. AJ made two gems in the first game. Charging in from short to take a softly hit grounder, picking it up on the run just behind the mound and throwing on the run. The other was a double play on a chopper to the pitcher who wheeled and threw to him at second where he had to jump the runner sliding in from first and then make the throw.
September: 252 miles
09-17, Bridget:16 miles
09-16, Bridget:14 miles

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