Hockey Season Begins

After I don't know how many years another season has begun. I was thinking about how fast the weekend went by and some of the things I really enjoy about this part of the year. Coming out of the rink into the warmth of the sun, soon enough it will be colder outside those doors. The smiles of 5 year olds getting their first taste of the game and sometimes the tears of 5 year olds who aren't quite sure what to make of it all. Being in the dressing room as hockey friends that haven't seen each other since last season meet and share bragging rights or just some fun. The excitement of the rookie parents with their cameras and enthusiasm at a first practice. The smell of the dressing room, okay maybe I don't enjoy that one as much as find some comfort in knowing it only gets worse as the year goes by and I won't have to be in there much later on. Meeting new parents and catching up with those returning. Being able to look back on where kids started when they get to be 10 or 11 and remembering their Bambi imitations. Knowing that for some unknown reason I'm back to see it all again. All in all, with some of the preseason stresses already worked out, it is a fun time of the year.

September: 222 miles
09-15, Bridget:18 miles 

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