NHL Hits the Ice

Northwood hit the ice for the first time tonight as 10 kids were out giving the pads a try. We'll have 6 teams and some have decided to split the time in net so that more kids will get a chance. I've never had an abundance of goalies before, one less source of stress. I also landed the sixth head coach tonight so that concern has passed. The rest of the kids hit the ice tomorrow and hopefully it won't rain on me again.

I just came across a link to some desktop wallpaper from the National Geographic Photo Contest. This shot of Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River is my new wallpaper.

I've been using Google's new Browser 'Chrome' for about a week now and it is pretty fast as advertised. With my double monitor setup I love how I can simply pull a tab off and throw it on the second monitor when I need to. It is pretty lean but does everything I need in a browser and since I use lots of Google software it is a good fit on my system. 

The guys at Petries recovered a stolen bike on Friday. A couple of kids pulled up and parked 'their' bike outside. They browsed around the Marin mountain bikes and asked if Petries was the only shop in town that sold them. Nathan noticed the white Marin outside as being a customer's recently stolen so he brought it inside and the kids took off after a brief altercation. There is an 'eye in the sky' camera up the street so they will probably get nabbed, the fact that the bike was stolen from the garage of one of our city's finest probably won't help their case much either.

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September:204 miles
09-13, Bridget:11 miles
09-13, Cecelia:2 wet miles
09-12, Bridget:18 miles

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