Hello Al, The Leafs Need YOU!

As my last duty with Lakehead Minor I assisted with the AA draft. The four hour ordeal confirmed my faith in AA coaches. I believe most of them are on ego trips and just waiting for Brian Burke or Bob Gainey to call them up to take the reins of an NHL team. They have about as much of a chance to fly on the next shuttle mission. From picking another coach's son when the team has no means of protecting him to displaying a total lack of class these guys did it all. I can't say that 100% of them were at fault, but the gentlemen in the room will never have a fair shot at a competitive team. At least they can sleep at night. I thought that coaching was what happened on the ice at a practice, behind the bench or in the dressing room. Apparently you need to work the parents and the system and not be afraid of what a room full of your peers think of you. And kids aged 9-12 are in their hands for the next 6 months.

Cecelia is back on the job today with her new brakes, bar tape, front fender and working lights. I managed 5 miles on the way in but skipped the ride home at lunch as it was a bit soggy.

September:163 miles
09-10, Bridget:16 miles
09-09, Ceceila:16 miles

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David said...

I had heard about some of the shenannigans that were going on.

"Nice" to know that they aren't simply jackasses when they're behind the bench yelling at the refs.