Weekend Adventures

I got in 2 nice long rides on the weekend. Saturday I left at about 4pm and headed through the south core street fair. Got a look at Terry's (from Petries) 73? Duster. You could literally eat off the engine block, totally restored and immaculate, and orange. From there I headed for the Tournament Centre to see how the AA evaluation skates were going and checked in on Tom Petrie at the little store and daycare they run out there. You gotta turn the tv off, it's attracting a crowd. I left there and went west on 61 to 130 and then back in through Rosslyn Road and the Parkdale path and home.

Sunday we went to Ed and Maureen Feller's for a great supper, some Super Tock (2 wins for the guys) and a short sleep before coming in this morning for work. I've never had speckled trout before and they had caught a 20" prize at their secret spot, miles up a creek and over some beaver dams somewhere Dorion. Maureen served it with a stuffing and it was great, as were Ed's potatoes and Sal's dessert. I rode out and found some pretty narrow stretches along Dog Lake Road, especially when somebody passes coming in the opposite direction. I love the hills too, not too many flat stretches north of 102.

For the skunks I passed, that had passed.
(road poems from the lonely cyclist)
Oh mister skunk,
you surely must have been drunk,
when you tried to cross the road,
to chase the tiny toad,
no sign of evolution did you show,
as you crossed the line so slow,
all the stink you could conspire, 
could not save you from the tire,
as it laid you flat,
and that was that.

quote from an ss blog. "Who am I? Nobody famous. but my dog likes me."

September: 131 miles
09-08, Bridget:11 miles
09-07, Bridget:25 miles
09-06, Bridget:32 miles

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