Never Say Never

I guess I should have learned my lesson with the rain. Never say 'I never get...'. Today it was a flat. 

At 5 I had to meet with an investigator for Hockey Canada about a 4 year old legal battle that just won't go away. Hopefully the info I brought will help get the greedy sob off the coaches back. Anyway I wanted to ride Molly today as I wasn't sure how secure she'd be during the meeting. Somewhere on the bike path she snagged a tack. No loss in pressure and I didn't yank it out so it held the rest of the way to work and back and forth at lunch. No problems getting to the meeting but you guessed it, I leave at 6:15 and she's totally flat. Of course I was able to bring her right inside so I could have switched up at lunch. I had my mini-pump so I filled up and headed for Staples to make copies for hockey registration Thursday. I had to stop about 8 times to make the 4 miles home. I have some Marathon+ tires on order with Farzam but won't see them til '09 so Molly will be grounded for now.

I made a major traffic no-no heading back at lunch. I usually cross May St. and use the back lanes to avoid traffic, get on Southern and go over the foot bridge and around through Vickers to the bike path. There was no traffic so I decided to go up May and turn left from the inside lane but got caught by the yellow. There I am in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic at lunch, fun stuff. So I decided to jump on it to get through my left before the traffic could move but forgot the opposing lanes get an advanced green. Step on it we're in no man's land against the red. I made it through with room to spare but nearly got backed into 3 times as I went up my normal route as trucks kept pulling out of driveways and not seeing me in my apparently invisible orange jacket. Lesson learned.

September:32 miles
09-03, Molly:16 miles
09-02, Bridget:16 miles

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