Delayed But Done

Pedalling past the 4000 mile marker got held up by the weather. I got my commutes in Friday but didn't really want to get wet on the way home. I stopped in at Petrie's and picked up a roll of bar tape for Cecelia. I took off the H bar and put on Molly's original bar that I had cut down. When I tried it on Molly it seemed far too narrow but then I was used to the big wide bar on Bridget. Confused, me too. As with most changes to the cockpit of a bike, she feels very different and since I'll be spending most of my saddle time with her that's a good thing.  

Saturday morning dawned wet but I was in no mood to be denied again so Cecelia got thrown out in the rain and I put on the wetsuit and headed for work. I got a ton of data entered into the Simly database and felt great when noon came. I took the long way home and had the distance I needed to crack 4000 miles or 6437 km. Cecelia was thrilled to get the big ride after spending so much time in the basement. I think next year I'm going to track k's.

Off to the sleep clinic. 

October 341 miles
10-25, Cecelia:10 miles
10-24, Cecelia:16 miles

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