Just in Time for Halloween

I grabbed the phone camera last night after having everything hooked up at the Northern Nights sleep clinic. The mess of wires in my hand come from the sensors glued to my legs, shoulders, chest, chin, temple and who knows how many locations on the back of my head as well as the mic on my neck and the breathing straps around my chest and stomach. The computer monitors just about everything including eye movement and there's a camera above the bed so it's tough to fall asleep. I ended up having to put on my mask at about 2am as the apnea is still happening. We got the pressure dialed in and with the new mask it will be all systems normal as far as sleep goes. I have to say the staff at the clinic has to be the best medical staff on the planet. Friendly and professional, everything moves through so smoothly it amazes me every time. They should put on clinics for other medical offices, and not of the sleep variety. 

I got home this morning with just enough time to throw some breakfast in my pack and grab Cecelia for a quick ride to work. By lunch the wind had picked up and I had to put on an extra layer and switch to the polar buff. I'm loving the feel of the 'new' Cecelia, a poorman's 'cross bike.

Some cycling math. These are estimates based on two known numbers and one estimate. 
4000miles/12mph=333.3 hours (miles/average speed)
333.3hrs x60=19,998 minutes
19,998 minutes x 80 rpm (a guess)=1,199,880 revolutions of the crank

October 353 miles
10-27, Cecelia:12 miles

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