Fall Colours and Chrome

The switch to simply Accounting is progressing at work, it has to as we go live next week. I have the inventory in and quantities enetered so we are paralleling both systems looking for problems. We are finding them almost hourly but so far have not come across any 'showstoppers' as Jason calls them. It is just a different way of doing things and after 20 years on the old system it is taking some getting used to and imagination to come up with methods of doing what we have come to take for granted in new ways.

Jill's blog had some great pictures of the plants around Juneau turning so I thought I would add one here. Scroll down her blog as she made a visit to the Grand Canyon and hiked across it, some nice pics of that as well. This shot was taken near the cancer Hope park along the bike path where it crosses Balmoral. Most of the leaves are off the trees after a few days with high wind but these plants still look great. Just wish the sun had been out to really make the colours snap. Cecelia appears in her current all weather setup. Riding in this cooler weather is great as long as I wear enough layers.

I've been using Google's new browser, Chrome for about a month now and have changed over about 95% both at home and at work. I find it very fast compared to Firefox and it leaves Explorer in its dust. Recommended and free. Another free download that helped tune up AJ's laptop is Malware Bytes. It's great for getting out stubborn adware. It was recommended by one of the Northwood coaches who runs the local 'Nerds On Site'.
October 369 miles
10-28, Cecelia:16 miles

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