Long Cool Ride

I got out this morning at 10 with Jill and she persuaded me to go for an hour. We headed out Oliver Road and thought 10 0r 20 miles would be good. It was pretty cold and my fingers were really feeling it. Once I got to make a small climb I was warmed up enough but my hands would stay cold the whole ride. We passed Mapleward where I had planned to make my turn for the backside leg. We went down Twin City Crossroads and continued out 130 towards 61. The climb up the hill after crossing the Kam warmed me and the geese flying in circles over the fields were a humourous distraction. I took Hanna Road by mistake past the Staals place and then followed it to Gillespie which brought me back to 61. I hoped Tom would be in the shop at the Tournament Center so I could stop to fill up with water and use the facilities. The shop was closed and I didn't have a lock so I carried on down Mountain Road. As I was making the descent back to City Road, the most fun part of the day as I can get Jill close to 40 mph, some dodo pulled out 100 yards up the road. I sat up and scrubbed most of the speed I had picked up and then he goes about 100 yards up the road and stops in the middle of the road to look at a house or something. Iasked him to wake up as I pulled around him. Talk about a killjoy. The ride ended up being 35 miles and I enjoyed every minute of it, cold and all. The itch is still there.

We had the kids scrimmage today and tried to evaluate them for team creation next week. The little guys provided some real entertainmnet as even the LU crew setting up for the game later stopped to chuckle at them. It should be an interesting season.
244 miles  to 4000
October:91 miles
10-04, Jill:35 miles, Ceclia:1 mile, 44 situps

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