Triple the Fun

Northwood evaluations are done so now I just have to put all the numbers together and setup the teams by Wednesday. The final cheque for registration came in today so no need to be nagging on that front. One little guy is finding excuses not to come out but he really isn't skating so I suggested pulling out, going for lessons and coming back next season, he's only 4! and I have a replacement waiting in the wings. There is one 4 year old out that can skate better than some of the 10 year olds. He's a riot to watch with the puck as he just heads for the nearest net determined to put it by the goalie, any goalie.

Today was test day for the 100 push-up plan. When it starts you do as many as you can and then select a starting point from there with the final goal being able to do 100 non-stop. My initial test was 8 and today I did 25 and could have gone a few more. So in 2 weeks I have more than tripled the number I can do, hopefully applying the same regimen to sit-ups will work as well.

Jill and I did a 45 minute ride before going to the rink, I love Sunday mornings. So peaceful and with the leaves crunching under the tires and falling in the wind I really did not want to head inside the Gardens.

235 miles to 4000
October:100 miles
10-05, Jill:9 miles, 25 push-ups (test 2)

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