Shadows Chasing

This morning I was in an odd mood. I noticed my shadow as I passed beneath streelights, sneaking up from behind and then passing me only to fade under the glare of the next light and then make another pass. You get accustomed to your shadow riding along next to you more or less just there, but when the sun is an hour from the horizon it is a dynamic thing, always changing and moving around you. Lower lights near the college bike path caused it to pass rapidly, riding through a crescent causes it to approach from various angles. I noticed other lights as my early morning ride went on. Tailights of unseen cars travelling along the river reflected onto the water making them appear to be moving across the surface. My headlight on the darkest parts of the bike path shining a 6 foot spot 15 feet in front of me, giving just enough light to jar the memory of each crack and bump in the pavement. The glare of headlights on approaching cars robbing me of my night vision. The low light of cars behind me, hopefully seeing the blinking red of my tailight. 

2008 4089 miles

October 424 miles
10-31, Cecelia:13 miles

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