Are You Happy Deer?

Today's title is not a mis-spelled bit of sarcasm, though the 7 bags full of leaves in our front yard will certainly make a special someone who has been hinting happy. Jill and I rode over to Mission Marsh after raking the yard and met the happiest deer on the island, the only buck I've ever seen there. His family was everywhere and was only outnumbered by the deer watchers. They were stopping all over the road tossing apples, oblivious to traffic all around. I pulled over and politely waited but the island's residents and OPG workers late for a shift just barrel through, not that I blame them. 

After riding Cecelia almost exclusivley for October, Jill felt so smooth and light. I forgot all about shifting for the first bit and getting comfy with the bar setup took a few miles. The new bars on Cecelia have taught me one thing, my arms can be a strong part of pedaling if I pull as I push with my legs. Monday it will be back to the push-up and sit-up regimen as my back feels good to go again. Increased upper body strength and a decreased middle are the goal.

Inventory went pretty well and we are up and running for the new year on Simply Accounting. We still have lots to learn, some more than others but I think it will work out fine. Not having 2 systems to keep fed with information will be a relief.

AJ showed off his costume in an attempt to get Ginko to sing a song last night. It didn't work on him but apparently the patrons at Jacks thought it was great, he hauled in almost $200 in tips during his shift from 10 til closing last night. Nice going Mr. Chiquita.
November 18 miles
11-01, Cecelia:6 miles
11-01, Jill:12 miles  

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