Quiet Sunday

Sal and I had brunch with the Wicklunds who are in town for another wedding. I got dropped at the Gardens with Cecelia for the last 2 games and of course everyone wanted to drive me home because it was raining. In the last game of the day a rare penalty was handed out, even more so because the penalized player was a 6 year old girl. She is without a doubt one of the best of the first line players and she was devastated by the call. Most often first time offenders are confused but don't break into tears until mom or dad show up in the penalty box to make sure they are ok. Then they break out because they assume they have done something really awful. She was in tears before she even stepped in. I sat with her and told her how she was a real hockey player now that she had a penalty but she wanted nothing to do with the game from that point on. I waved over her mom, who is one of the coaches and a former university player. I even told her mom used to get lots of penalties, no go. She refused to go out when her time was up and unfortunatley it was her last shift. Our referee-in-chief felt really bad, next time he gets to sit there with her. I called a couple of hours later and she has recovered but I don't think we'll see her back in the sin bin too soon.    

November 19 miles
11-02, Ceclelia:1 mile

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David said...

Unless it's at least a major+game misconduct, my whistle is staying in my pocket from now on :)