Surprise Surprise Surprise

In the who would've thought it possible category, a black man in the Whitehouse, gas goes under $1/litre and city council unanimously approoves improvements to infrastructure for cycling. I'm not sure I can take all these surprises at once. I hope Mr. Obama can take the Americans on more historic adventures as we all know we'll be following right on their tails through good or bad. Gas prices continue to tumble, somehow we're not quite as cheap as the provincial average of .87 but who would have thought it could drop this far this fast. Not that it makes much of a difference to me. And finally when I took on the survey project that was part of the presentation to city council I never dreamed we'd see any real action or that I might someday actually ride on the improved trails or bike lanes. I just hope that issue number two doesn't change the mind of our council. Low gas prices won't last long and they have been known to do a 180 on an issue or two in the past.

I have to say that daylight savings time really bites. So far the mornings have been only moderately brighter and even Tueday when the sun was shining it was down before I got home at 5:30. I had to run the lights on the way home tonight. I'm not real sure where the savings are, I was already good with dark mornings but now I get it at both ends. Just a matter of time I guess.

Days 1 and 2 on the new software were a nightmare as people who thought they were ready froze under the gun. Things that were supposed to be easy weren't. I spent hours running back and forth putting out fires and trying to keep my own work going. I got lots done today and found a few more features that we needed work arounds for. Tuesday balanced where Monday didn't, until we remembered that Saturdays sales were included. The one big advancement on the new software is I can trace any transaction back and find out who, what and where it all goes wrong.  

November 49 miles
11-05, Cecelia:6 miles 50 push-ups
11-04, Cecelia:15 miles 50 sit-ups
11-03, Cecelia:9 miles 50 push-ups

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