Beware the Crocodile

AJ added another trophy to the crowded bookshelf in his room last weekend with the Thunder Bay Flag Football Championship. Seems whatever he plays he'll win the big one sooner or later.

Miles are a bit hard to come by this week as the rain won't let up. My ride home tonight was wet and windy and heading into the wind was stinging. The rain suit does its thing and once I get inside I'm still dry.

I got on the scale for the first time in a while and am still hovering at 235, X-90. Hard to believe after the snacking I got into since Halloween. Putting me in charge of the treats is like having the crocodile babysit the baby wildebeast, somethings going to get eaten. Push-ups and sit-ups are going well and I guess Ethel will get dusted off some time soon. Six seasons of the Sopranos are waiting for another look over the winter.

This link to this video was all over web news sites so I checked it out, sounds like a big step in cancer research and hopefully more effective treatment someday soon.

November 57 miles
11-06, Cecelia:8 miles, 50 sit-ups

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