A Visit From Mr. Murphy

On Sunday I get re-checked for sleep apnea so today I bought Sal a present, a new mask. Turns out they were on sale, only $130, what a bargain. I really don't feel any different when I sleep without it but she says I'm still annoying so I thought I should get the new mask before (a) the test and (b) she kills me in my sleep. 

If I owned friction today I would have sold it for a pack of gum, and I only chew gum when I fly, reluctantly. Anything that could go wrong did, twice. We are two weeks from switching over to a new software and hardware setup and our early 90's dot matrix printer (dont' even know what that is do you kids) decided today would be a good day to retire. Heck it has worked there only a few years less than I have and I've been ready to retire for a decade, it was due. As that happened 6 walk-in customers showed up at the same time. We have entire days, sometimes a week when we don't see 6 walk-ins. Picture us scrambling to find and complete hand-written invoices, while trying to reprogram another printer, change over the 3000 foot ribbon, machine rotors and flywheels, and answer the phones without doing serious damage to any of the above or each other. I would have happily chewed the entire pack. Getting on the bike at 5 and leaving the day behind was like slipping into Lake Superior on a really hot summer day, and the beer I had when I got home tasted too good to be legal. I can't wait for tomorrow, to end that is 
60 miles t0 4000
October: 285 miles
10-21, Ceclia:15 miles

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