Northwood's regular season got off to a good start on Saturday with a 0-0 tie to open things up. A couple of 7-3 games followed but there were some key players missing so we'll see how the balance is as we go. The one player whose parents refused to be moved up a line because 'he hasn't even scored a goal', got 5 in two games. 

I went to a meeting at Con College and rode home down the bike path in the dark at about 8pm Sunday. I had Celcelia with a tailight, bar light and the helmet light I use in the mornings on the way to work.  First I came across a pair of eyes lit up by my 'head'light that jumped off the path and then sat in the bush staring at me as I went by. I think they belonged to a cat but could only see the eyes blazing. Next I cane across 2 sets of eyes but these were up higher off the ground. I slowed not knowing what they belonged to. As I got closer I could make out an adult deer and a yearling just off the path. I got about 10 feet away before they decided they would trot away. Very spooky the way they eyes shine in the lights especially with no moonlight at all.
75 miles to 4000
October 270 miles
10-20, Cecelia:15 miles
10-19, Cecelia:4 miles
10-18, Bridget:3 miles
10-17, Cecelia:16 miles 
10-16, Cecelia:14 miles

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