Long Weekend

Saturday I spent a lot of hours posting both games and practices to the net. 60 games and 84 practices went up and were available for download by NHL parents and coaches. I spent 3 hours at the rink handing out paperwork to the coaches and making sure things went smoothly. I hit the library for another book, I'm really enjoying reading. I had to wake AJ to bring my keys. No not for the car, I locked my bike before realizing I had left the keys at home. He needed to get up for a meeting anyway.

Sunday dawned a decent enough day with a projected high of 18 so I decided since Sal was going to be getting prep done at the club I would make the ride to Mom and Dad's. After about 30 minutes I stopped at Uncle Frank's and removed a layer of clothes as it was getting warm, nothing like shorts and short sleeves. As I passed the prison farm about 100 Canadian geese squawked overhead and I was able to watch them spiral down into the field for a rest. I was wishing I had brought a better camera but was prepared to stay the night so there was really no more room in my pack. That may be why my back has been sore for 2 days. As I approached Mink Mountain Road I came to the spot in the picture that despite the lack of any sun was a colourful feast for the eyes. I took this same picture the first time I made the trip out as I knew I could make it once I reached this spot and it brings back a warm memory every time I go past this spot. When I ride I'm always in a hurry and hate to stop for anything let alone pictures, then kick myself for not having more pictures.

Monday was spent very carefully as my back was trouble all day, probably should not have done the push-ups. Sal was up to her usual holiday ritual of whipping up a huge meal for the troops, all 5 of us. We got Mike and Mel online with video for a bit so if felt a little like they were here for a bit, not quite the same. 
Thunder Bay managed to vote in the losing party again. At least we can say we tried to change things. I think one of the spoofs by the Air Farce guy said Canada spent $300 million to end up in the same minority fix. Unless things change overnight they sure haven't changed by bedtime. Carry on Mr. Harper, we're behind you 41%.

127 miles to 4000
October:218 miles
10-15, Cecelia:16 miles, 52 push-ups (then back said no mas)
10-14, Cecelia:12 miles
10-13, 99 push-ups
10-12, Bridget:32 miles
10-11, Cecelia:4 miles, 65 sit-ups

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David said...

After buying a Nikon D60 dSLR which wouldn't fit in the underseat pouch, I was trying to find some sort of comfortable bag for it other than a backpack which leaves the back all sweaty.

I picked up a Lowepro Orion Mini (http://products.lowepro.com/product/Orion-Mini,1988.htm) belt pack. I wore it for pretty much the entire Munger ride. It sits comfortably at the small of the back where it was barely noticeable most of the time. When you want to take a picture, you just stop swing it around to the front and the reverse opening top puts the camera right in front of you.

It's probably a little large if you just use a compact point-and-shoot but would have enough room for a snack or light lunch. If you have an SLR with a zoom lens, depending on the length of the lens barrel, the bag might not be deep enough.

To top it off, the thing was half price at Primary - only $25.