Back on Track

I managed to convince the parent of the player that was going to quit to give it another chance now that he's on a team and that seems to have worked. I finished the reguar season schedule, printed coach's copies and emailed it out to everyone. I scaled back one round of games and added more practices as was the wish of most parents that completed the survey last year. Things are moving along nicely again.

I saw Dr. Holtby at the sleep clinic on Thursday and am scheduled for another pajama party at the end of the month to see how my apnea is doing. I don't seem to need the mask much anymore but he says it's better to be sure, I may be able to reduce the pressure a bit more. He is interested in riding in the Conquer Cancer but may have a conference that week. He commutes daily, was one of my first sponsors last year and has offered to do the same this year.

When I got up this morning and looked at the number of push-ups on the schedule I thought no way I'm going to do that many. The end of the third week or halfway through has 88 spread over 5 intervals. I managed a total of 90. I can feel the difference when I work in the shop especially today when I was hammering away at some rusty bolts for 30 minutes. 

I finally brought Eyowen home from work. The frame has about 30 coats of orange and a dozen of clearcoat. The fork is black and still needs some work but I can do that at home. I hope to put her together over the winter as I've been too wrapped up in other things over the summer to get to her.  

181 miles to 4000
October:154 miles
10-10, Cecelia:11 miles, 90 push-ups

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