Last Ride for Cecelia?

Cecelia started to show her age (20+ years) more than just cosmetically this afternoon. The bearings in the bottom bracket are loose and for now Bridget will be commuting. The bearings made some creaking noises last week but I couldn't pinpoint the source until now. The lights and fender along with her own front wheel were swapped after getting home. It will be a rush to get another less expensive option into service before the snow and salt hit the road.

It was somewhat colder this morning but I'm still not fully into all my layers or options for staying warm. If the temp is the same or lower tomorrow I'll add another layer to the bottom half, the top half was just fine. I picked up some winter cycling gloves and they are much warmer than the mitts I had been using. Nice long cuffs with velcro closures, palms with grip, soft thumbs for drying your eyes and a couple of loose fingers for braking make them really handy.
November 198 miles
Cecelia:11 miles
Ethel:3 miles
70 push-ups
70 sit-ups

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