Last Ride for Me?

This morning Bridget and I were out early crunching through the fresh snow. I took the long route as everything was perfect. What was dark was now lit up by the blanket of snow. Lately all I have seen of the bike path in the early morning is the spot 12 feet ahead of me and maybe the eastern horizon. Today was like riding at noon in comparison. It was cool but refreshing, I wanted to keep pedaling.

Then I decided to go for a spin at lunch to pick up some mail, big mistake. The snow was melting, the roads were narrower and I had no front fender. I either went 8 mph or got splashed by my own front wheel.

By 5 o'clock the temp had dropped and the wind was up. It was much colder than this morning and everything was frozen. I was good to the bike path but coming off there and onto the side streets was treacherous. It looked like soft snow but lights shining on the roads revealed ice everywhere. I slowed down and got my butt home safely but am really considering walking to work in the morning.

Bridget got totally covered in slop so I started piecing Eyowen together. She is long overdue and this is not how I wanted to get her on the road but Ceclia's frame is a mess and the other girls are too expensive to abuse. I got the hardest parts installed, the bottom bracket bearings and shaft, front fork and bearings. I'll get Farzam to look them over before I go too far, never assembled those parts before and have only a book to refer to. I took them all apart last fall so at least I had some idea. It all feels tight but free, just not sure about the amount of grease to pack in. 

November 212 miles
Bridget:11 miles
Ethel:3 miles
70 push-ups
70 sit-ups

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