Snow & Ethel

Sounds like a movie title, snow & Ethel, the next super cops. But no, snow is what I woke up to on Saturday morning and headed into for the trip to work. I took the long (5 miles) way as it felt really good, probably because it wasn't rain. Ethel is the e-bike and I dragged her out last night for a quick spin to make sure she made it safely through a summer of neglect. 
I bumped up the work outs to 60 push-ups and sit-ups daily rather than ever other. The plan is to add 2 to every week. Have to cut back on the input now as I've been eating way too much since finishing the ride in June.
November 107 miles
11-10, Cecelia:15 miles, 60 push-ups
11-10, Ethel:3 miles, 60 sit-ups
11-09, Ethel:3 miles
11-08, Cecelia:12 miles, 50 sit-ups

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