He Does It His Way

Former Chicago Bears hall of fame middlelinebacker Mike Singletary was given the reins of the San Francsico 49'ers in late October. In his first game he told a player that got a stupid penalty to hit the showers, something simply not done in the pros. He went to the fans and apologized for the teams performance, ranted to the media about the teams lack of desire and apparently dropped his pants in the locker room during his post game 'talk' with the players. He was an intense player and looks to be an even more intense coach. The experts say they admire his style but don't think it will work with today's millionaire athletes. 

Tonight the player that he benched scored his first td of the season with a great effort and moments later they were laughing and hugging on the sideline. In his second game tonight the heavily favoured Cardinals are down 11 points at the half and Singletary looks pretty damn smart right now. They may not win the game but if they lose they'll do it his way, with pride and 110% effort.
His first press conference.

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