I did something yesterday I haven't done all year, left a bike outside over night and unlocked. I remembered as I was leaving to pick up Sal from work, the car was in for some service so AJ had driven her to work, but then forgot her again. Needless to say when I went out this morning Cecelia was not impressed with being left out in the cold and rain. To make it up I switched over Bridget's front wheel as the bearings in Cecelia's were about done. I've been wanting to get into Petrie's and take Farzum up on his offer to guide me through building a new wheel but weekends are pretty much taken up by hockey and with another $300 sunk into the car extra funds are slim til month end. All is forgiven for now. I was almost afraid to look out this morning expecting her to be gone.

November 144 miles
Cecelia:11 miles
Ethel:4 miles
60 push-ups, 60 sit-ups
Cecelia:4 miles
Ethel:3 miles
60 push-ups, 60 sit-ups
Cecelia:12 miles
Ethel:3 miles
60 push-ups, 60 sit-ups

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