I could say tgif about any Friday but after 3 straight Saturdays at work this one is very welcome. I started the day with a visit to my family doctor and sat for nearly an hour for a 5 minute visit, got a flu shot, reviewed what we already knew and headed for work. I had a few shop jobs I was not looking forward to and chaos welcomed me at the door. Seems a few invoice went through without GST. An easy fix but a few tense moments. I reviewed all the customer files and corrected another tax error but nothing major. There must be a night shift or some other gremlin in our systems because I set things one way today and tomorrow they seem to change themselves. I stayed through lunch and headed home at four, tired and with a bit of a headache. The ride home felt great as the sun was shining for a bit and just to get out an hour early was nice. Cecelia has forgiven me for leaving her out Thursday night but she managed to bite me on the way into the basement, though technically it was Bridget's wheel skewer that grew teeth so maybe she's mad at me too.

Ginko is coming over early Saturday and we're heading for breakfast, something to look foreard to as we haven't seen him this week.

November 155 miles
Cecelia:8 miles
Ethel:3 miles
60 push-ups
60 sit-ups

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