Saddle Upgrade

I carried Ethel's seat post to work this morning through the lovely fresh powder. It was warm enough to pull my gloves and unzip after about a mile. At lunch I jigged the extra seatpost I had in the basement, which is bent but works for the project, to our drill press. I drilled a test hole successfully and then took the plunge and cut the top mount off of Ethel's. The spare seatpost slide into Ethel's but with lots of play. I ran the drill through both and then put a 5/16 bolt through, drilled through both again and added a second bolt and brought the creation home. I attached a saddle and rode 5 miles after making a few adjustments. Total cost $0, and the results were as I had hoped. Much improved comfort while riding the dreaded indoor season. 

As I drove around at work today I saw so many guys out on bikes it was depressing. When I made the hike home it was like walking in a mixture of brown sugar and margarine with a nice coating of Pam on the sidewalks.  The first day at 100 didn't kill me. The last 3 or 4 of each set feel just like they did last week so I must be getting a bit stronger as I continue
December miles
Riding 37 miles
Walking 20 miles
Ethel:5 miles
Boots:3.5 miles
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups

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