The only thing about walking to work that I can really say I like is that it gives me lots of thinking time like a long ride, and I get to listen to tunes. It is a more demanding activity than a short, no effort ride so I guess it will be better for the long haul. I have it down to 30 minutes so it isn't taking any longer than the 5 miles ride I was doing when conditons were more bike friendly. This morning was pretty cold with my face into the wind most of the way but with 4 layers on top, 2 on the bottom half, a toque, polar-buff and scarf I really didn't feel it. I'm going to go looking for ski goggles so my eyes won't be watering all the way.

I get to sit on Ginko tomorrow. Looking forward to spending some time with him as it has been a while. He may be around a bit more as Jen is looking to change the arrangements a bit.
26 miles (riding)
3.5 miles (walking)
Ethel:5 miles
Boots:3.5 miles
90 push-ups
90 sit-ups

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