Damn Slop

I left this morning with perfect conditions, not too cold and dry.  I looked out the window as I was unpacking and the snow had already started piling up. It stopped by 10 but there was just enough to make my way home sloppy and gritty as the temp wasn't low enough to keep everything frozen. Finding the edge of the pavement is a chore in fresh snow, the roads feel narrower. I'm going to be hiking it until either it dries up again or spring comes. Its too tough on the bike and at probably 7 miles per hour the physical part of riding is pretty much gone, the fun with it. I could literally feel the small rocks that were getting kicked up going through the chain and sprockets, crunching and grinding.  
December 21 miles
Eyowen:5 miles
Ethel:3 miles
90 push-ups
90 sit-ups

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