Coldest Day of the Year

Today as I was making my way to work I listened to the radio and that could have been a bad decision. The morning crew made sure that everyone knew it was -31 with a windchill of -42, at least every 60 seconds. Yes it was cold but no I didn't really feel it. With enough layers I'm convinced you can go out and walk in anything. The most I feel is like standing next to a door with a slight draft, normally where my gloves meet my jacket or if the wind blows at the wrong angle it can seep in around the ski goggles. This week has been extremely cold so as I went home Monday I was planning on what I could add to my list of winter wear.

Today and since Tuesday I have had on thermal socks Sal got me for Christmas, Under Armour base layer pants, a pair of pajama pants and my jeans. Around my middle a moisture wicking shirt, turtle neck, windbreaker, the outside shell of AJ's discarded American Eagle parka and the outside shell of my way too big Northwood 3 in1 jacket. On my head a standard Buff neck tube, a polar Buff over my face, an under-the-bike-helmet toque and a thermal fleece toque over it all with the ski goggles. I've learned to breathe in a way that doesn't fog the goggles and to never stop moving even if a red light holds me up. When I get to work I'm normally sweating where my pack sack rides but I'm not cold. It can be a fine balance between warm enough and not too warm. Ocasionally one too many layers will have me getting far too sweaty and then the cold will get to me about 3/4 of the way in. Not enough layers and I can jog a bit to get the core warmed up. I actually enjoy it. 

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