New Tool to Fight Boredom

I found a great tool to fight the boredom that is a big part of indoor riding. It's an open source download program with a unique feature. It can download online flash videos and then convert them to file formats that can be burned to dvd iwth Windows Movie Maker or Nero etc. I already got the 12 part 'History of the Tour de France' and 'Lance Armstong's Road to Paris' which will keep me from dozing while grinding away for more than 3 hours. The quality is not great but when converted and burned the image on the tv screen is much better than the little window on YouTube. I'll post a link and more info once I get some more time with the new software.

I managed to get back on the push up regimen this morning before walking to work. I've been doing too much snacking after 4 clean days. My km's are going up but I'm sure the weight is not going down yet. If I don't stay clean this week it'll be back to posting what I eat here, can you wait?

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