February Wrapped

February was another cool month with a week of rain and slush that froze over to make moving outdoors a challenge in any mode. I continued the walk to work, got in a few outdoor rides and was picked up 3 times for after work commitments. My mileage is right on schedule for a 25% increase, 939 km for '09 as compared to 730 in '08, thanks mostly to the seatpost hack on Ethel. Now if I could just get outside a bit more. Simply riding to work won't cut it if I just go the shortest route, I'm better off walking until I can hit the longer routes. 
Our medical plan at work denied my claim for the hepatitis shots, I guess they'd rather pay for treating that than preventing it. Just can't catch a break these days. I'm looking at part-time jobs to keep up, just need to get through this year and then all the big bills will be done. Submitted our tax returns late last night, a new record for me. 

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