Frostbite Claims Jill's 2nd Iditabike

Sad to read that Jill Homer's attempt at a 2nd Iditabike fell short. She stepped into a crack in the ice on a lake and nearly lost Pugsley, her snow bike. One boot filled with water and rather than stop and dry it she attempted to get to the first rest stop 6 hours away. It took her more than an hour to thaw out the boot and get it off, only to discover the frostbite and end up in emergency for 6 hours.
Three games to go in the Northwood season after a major upset and two ties on Sunday. The teams now play off in a one game for the hardware and I get my weekends back, just in time.

First day off without pay in the new cost cutting scheme at the other job, I spent another afternoon assisting the assembly of a road bike on Monday. Road bikes are a lot more technical than mountain, more precise and becoming more and more my most desired rides. I spun the rear wheel of the bike lightly to check the wheel and then watched in awe as it just kept spinning as if someone was pedalling it. I swear it went on for 5 minutes. I'm learning lots and meet lots of the hockey crowd as they come in for skate sharpening.

The pic is of another showstopper from Naked Cycles in BC from the NAHBS.

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