Back in the Groove

Coming home to another dump of snow had me on the outs with riding. I never expected to be walking especially in that much snow and my kilometres for the month seemed too far out of reach. I was down with everything going on, work, weather, blah blah blah. I finally got Jill out of the basement on Saturday and did 40+ km but even that didn't get me out of the grey mood. When I could have been riding Sunday and Monday I spent most of the time reading (Ludlum's Bourne Ultimatum) and watching the Masters. Maybe I just needed a break because coming home Tuesday everything felt good again, Eyowen got me smiling and today was even better. I may not get to the 800+ km for this month but the break might just have been what I needed. I've taken Eyowen on the same 40km ride on previous weekends and although Jill is new, geared and easier to move I didn't feel the same. I really feel comfortable on Eyowen even though there's no gears and she's 20+ years old. I know I can fix anything that might go wrong with her because I put it all together. Today I was seriously contemplating taking her to Toronto and giving it a go single speed, now that would be a workout. I have to find a way to easily get to a climbing setup or I'd be pushing her up the hill in Hamilton but there are ways to do it without losing the simplicity that I love about her.

I've seen the 3 'Bourne' movies but other than the title and some character names I can't find the books in any of them. The movie of the second novel would have been 6 hours long. The plot does not even take place on the same continent, have to Google that one just out of curiosity.

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