Coming Home, the Other Half of the 'Fun'

Up at 5am hoping to catch a sunrise since we had to be up for the bus to the airport anyway. No luck. The bus trip back was far less eventful because there was little traffic. We got through the terminal quickly enough but the flight coming in was late so were an hour behind already. Once we got on the plane we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the royal family of Mississauga again. I got some great views of Cuba, the Bahamas and thousands of other smaller islands and shallows. We hit some rough air for a bit but were released to a higher altitude to get out of it. Since we were late we had some zigging and zagging over Lake Ontario to fit into the landing pattern but it meant approaching Toronto from just east of downtown and then heading east so I got to view everything throughout the approach. Things got a bit bumpy and this freaked out the princesses. One of them turned to a flight attendant and asked "why is it so..is it so...why is it so..?" Turbulent?God's trying to take you out and just can't decide if He wants the rest of us to go at the same time, I thought to myself. He decided to let us land but we were very late. AJ and Brad had only 2 hours to make their flight in another terminal so they ended up missing it as there must have been 4 flights going through customs at the same time and baggage was very slow. They had to pay another $150 and sleep in the airport overnight. We we tried to save them by volunteering to sleep over as our flight was overbooked but couldn't find them. While waiting in the ticket line I saw Curly Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters.

It was a great trip and even though I didn't get too excited about it before I did enjoy Jamaica. 2 days in hell for 6 in paradise is not a bad tradeoff. And it was all worth it to see the happy couple!!  No not those two, the other two.

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