The Smile (Jamaica Last Day)

I was on my way back from my last ride in Jamaica when I got 'the smile'.  Jamaicans have the most amazing smiles and their teeth are incredibly white. They obviously have very dark skin so there is alot of contrast but their teeth are very white. When they smile it is infectious. Most of the people around the resort were very cheery but some seemed pretty sullen. I guess cleaning up after what they consider to be rich people day after day would get to anyone, some handle it better than others. A young woman in a maids uniform passed me on the walkway and for a second her smile beamed, but she let it go before she had passed and I caught it. Was all this "No Problem, Jamaica" just a show for us tourists? I hope not because I enjoyed the people there. People like Stepper who was happy to show his pride and knowledge of his country. People like Keisha who made the most awesome omelettes every day, mine with the kitchen sink, while singing and joking with everyone who came along. Anyone in the entertainment gang could get people dancing, laughing or just involved in whatever activity was on that day. I just hope it wasn't all a show.

On the beach they had a huge party with jerk everything for lunch. Shrimp, chicken, sausage and a seafood and vegetable stir fry. We planned a trip into Ocho Rios after hearing from Jen and Curtis that it was worth the trip and the small area known as Island Village was free of any begging or aggressive street salesmen. We booked Stepper and took along Mel's grandmother. We wandered among the shops, I got a deal on tshirts and we picked up something for Ginko. I checked out some of the Bob Marley cd's and plan to find a couple when we get home. When we got back Sal actually made it into the ocean for about 30 seconds. We went to the Asian restaurant which was okay but it was nothing compared to the feast they had in the main buffet that evening. Live and learn I guess.  

That's Stepper (looks like Morgan Freeman's younger brother), Keisha and Sal with the Margaritaville parrot. 

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