The Wedding (Jamaica Day5)

Wednesday turned out to be the best day, weather wise and because it was the day everyone had been waiting for, the reason we all made the trip. Mike and Mel were married shortly after noon on the beach in Jamaica with a 3 piece Jamaican band and a small group of family and friends around them. It was a simple cermeony but special. I don't think anyone will forget it. Mel was beautiful and they both looked pretty relaxed. What could go wrong? Mel's dress had made it back from Montego Bay with more than an hour to spare, everything else was a piece of cake. I think the day was everything they had hoped for.

I was busy snapping pictures with Mike's new Nikon. I was a bit nervous as I really didn't want to mess things up and had never touched it before. The ceremony was followed by some time by the pool relaxing. Then  we all gathered again in a far corner of the resort for dinner with Karlton. He was our waiter and try as he might he just couldn't keep up with the guys drinking Red Stripe in 6 oz. glasses. He finally gave up and brought them a pitcher. When it came time to cut the cake the kids went about it as our traditions dictate, feeding each other. Then Karlton suggested what everyone thought was 'bare feet'. After the groaning and moaning about that being gross he demonstrated what he meant, some icing on Mike's lips for Mel to kiss or 'bird feed'. They roared over that one for quite a while. The kids brought thier own music and shared a first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kresack. Later on AJ managed to get them called up to the stage for another dance in front of the crowd during the evening's entertainment. 

In our room housekeeping had seen our anniversary cards and as they had every day adorned the king size bed with flowers and birds made from white towels and fresh flowers. Today was a four piece arrangement and a bubble bath to boot.


Mike & Mel said...

You did a great job with the pictures! Thank you so much!!!!!!
Love Mel

Ron Kresack said...

Thanks Mel, can't wait to see them!